Friday, June 6, 2014

Grand Lake From A Boat

ter a fun night fishing at Grand Lake from a pier, I decided to return with a boat I had just traded for. It is a 12 foot aluminum hull made by sea king. 

there's nothing really special about this boat but I like it because it is small, light, yet it has good stability.  I got a very good deal on this boat and it came complete with a brand new MinnKota motor, a new battery, an Anchor, and life jackets. The trailer that this boat is sitting on, seems practically new and that was the real score.  So I hit Grand Lake a little after noon and used an app on my phone that showed depths. This is a shallow lake that almost has nowhere that goes over eight feet. Most of it is six or seven feet and on my map I found a spot near the middle of the lake that had a drop off from 6 to 8 feet. It was literally like a hole in the middle of the lake.  This is the spot that I dropped a hook and fished on bottom.  I was fishing with 7/0 hooks and using medium shrimp for bait. It didn't take long for me to get my first take and I was amazed that I caught about a three pound channel cat.  The action only got better from there and I wound up having to stop fishing with two poles and use only one because of how fast they were biting.  after only a couple of hours I stopped fishing because I had so many fish on my stringer that I could barely lift it to put another one on.  What a great day on the lake!

The bittersweet part of this entire trip was that I had to stay up till about midnight cleaning fish but it I will take that problem any time! Here are some more photos showing the beauty of this lake.  

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