Friday, May 2, 2014

Chris Craft

Much has happened since the last time I posted to this blog. Since that time and recently, I have bought a Chris Craft commander 336 cabin cruiser.

I still enjoy building boats but I have decided that a boat this big and at the price that I bought it at, would be a much better deal for me been trying to build a boat this size. Older boats can offer a much better deal in the long run than trying to build a large boat. The boat is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and has many features that I never thought that I would have in a boat. For now, I will let the pictures do the talking for me. The boat is located in St Joseph Michigan and we will be launching soon and moving south. Watch for many adventures coming up this summer. 


  1. Beautiful boat but how can you afford to drive it with 1 mpg?...Have you tried to put a 15hp 4 stroke on it?... You could try to make your own motor by using a 4stroke 10hp mud motor w/ Kalcker Reactor...
    Maybe try to make bolt on motor mount to try a smaller motor...I know it weighs 6 tons but it should move the boat at 3-4mph..

    1. Here is my email address... name is Tim.. I have often thought of getting a 22' MacGregor..They are so cheap.. Put a 6hp mud motor with alternator n Kalcker Reactor to get 120mpg at 6-7mph.. Plus have the sails, cockpit canopy, and build the popup into a pilot house for 6' hdrm.. Make cabinets on the quarter birth for more storage...Later could make a hard top cockpit canopy n cut out the floor for hdrm... You would have a cheap cruiser but still pull with a small truck..

  2. Beautiful boat ! Stay safe and have fun.