Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fishing at Grand Lake

I have decided to visit some of the lakes around Ohio that I have not yet been too. This week I've have hit two different Lakes. The first Lake I visited it is called Kiser lake. When I arrived at this lake I discovered that over a beautiful place to visit, it seems to be over grown with moss and vegetation under the water. Fishing here was almost impossible for me so I left and headed to Grand Lake which is located between the towns of St Marys and Celina . For bait I had brought nightcrawlers and some frozen shrimp because I heard that frozen shrimp does very well in this lake. I was able to catch a few blue gills on nightcrawlers but both were too large to use as bait so I switched to a big rod baited with shrimp.  In no time I got my first hit and was able to catch a nice size channel cat. This fish was about two and a half pounds and had very beautiful coloring.

Before I had much of a chance to catch a second fish, a small storm rolled in and I had to retreat to the car to wait for the rain to stop. The rain only lasted for about 20 minutes and soon I was back already my pier to begin fishing again. I went back to using the shrimp again, and no time I had fish number 2 on the line which felt noticeably bigger and indeed was, because this fish weighed in at about 4 pounds.  

Soon after I had caught fish number two the wind shifted drastically from being mild from the SW, to being quite brisk from the east. After this happened, all fishing success halted!  I was pretty disappointed when I failed to catch any more fish but that is the way fishing goes!  I am planning to go back to Grand Lake and I am on the hunt for a monster blue cat. I will also in the near future give an essay on all of the fishing gear that I use.  

More coming soon, but in the meantime I would love to hear about your favorite fishing spot.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Equpment Review - Kelly Kettle

Once in a while I come across a piece of equipment that really stands out. This is the case with the Kelly Kettle. The Kelly Kettle is a small appliance that will heat water in a big hurry with just about any solid fuel you have available and also doubles as a cooker. Its a very high quality piece of equipment that will last for years.
The model I own is the largest stainless steel version that they make and comes with a carrying case. 

To begin using the Kelly Kettle, place a few loosely waded newspaper pages down the chimney and light them through the access hole in the bottom section. 

After the pages light, you can add larger pieces of fuel down the chimney. In this case I will use cardboard. 

The chimney creates a strong draft which burns very efficiently

It won't take long to boil the water. 5 or 6 minutes is all it takes. 
Prepare your coffee or in this case, soup. 
Instant hot meal!!
You can get one here: Kelly Kettle on Amazon

Monday, May 12, 2014

Readying The Boat

Much work has been done to get this boat ready for the water. I am trying to if this all wound up so that I can be in the water and enjoying the summer. I had a problem with the electric anchor windlass which I traced to a faulty breaker. After inspecting the anchor line I decided that it was okay but the end needed to be cut off and reattached to the anchor.

I also installed some new rod holders that I think will work very well with this boat. Fish on!

and finally a shot of me taking a break from work. Some good adventures coming soon this summer!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Chris Craft

Much has happened since the last time I posted to this blog. Since that time and recently, I have bought a Chris Craft commander 336 cabin cruiser.

I still enjoy building boats but I have decided that a boat this big and at the price that I bought it at, would be a much better deal for me been trying to build a boat this size. Older boats can offer a much better deal in the long run than trying to build a large boat. The boat is absolutely gorgeous inside and out and has many features that I never thought that I would have in a boat. For now, I will let the pictures do the talking for me. The boat is located in St Joseph Michigan and we will be launching soon and moving south. Watch for many adventures coming up this summer.